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Appreciated client, 

From the 16 of April of 2019 16 of October of 2019 a new regulation will enter in force (Order APA/1076/2018 of 11 of October)/legislation NIMF 15, that establishes the phytosanitary requirements for the import or entrance of packing and wood rammer in the Canary Islands, with the aim of reducing to the risk of introduction or dispersion of plagues and other injurious organisms for the health and the life of the plants in the canary territory.

They are under this norm all type of wood packing of thickness superior to 6 millimeters, such as: drawers, boxes, cages, drums and similar packages, palets, palets-box and other platforms for load, collars for trowels and logs to pack, used or do not stop the transport of merchandise of all type. 

In case of breach, the Service of Inspection of Border Vegetal Health can take the measures that consider appropriate, as the halting from the shipment, the material elimination does not conform or its destruction or re-export. Following the phytosanitary risk, this Service can also decide to extend the measures adopted to the shipments or materials contained in the packing.

Therefore, to avoid possible incidents, as well as additional fines and expenses in his shipments, make sure that their wood packing fulfills the normative requirements.
We are to its disposition to attend to him before any doubt that this new norm can cause to him. 

A warm greeting.


1. New norm published in the Ofical Bulletin of the State

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4. Entered BOE postponement in force 16 of October 2019


To whom it May concern:

On 16 April 2019 16 October 2019 to new regulation will eats into FORCE (11 Order APA/1076/2018 of October)/15 legislation NIMF which establishes the phytosanitary requirements for the import or entry of wood packaging and stowage in the Canary Islands, aiming to reduces the risk of introduction or dispersion of pests and to other organisms harmful to the health and life of plants in the Canary Islands.

According to the new regulation, all wood packaging and stowage, to whatever the origin is, must arrived undergo one of the treatments approved and specified in the regulation, and to bear the corresponding mark or certify that they have been subject to the mentioned phytosanitary treatment (black spike).

In the event of non-compliance, the Border Plant Health Inspection Service May take the measures it might deem appropriate, such ace the stop of the shipment, the removal of non-compliant material, or its destruction or re-exportation. Depending on the phytosanitary risk, this Service May also decides to extend the measures adopted to the consignments or material contained in the packaging.

Therefore, in order to avoid possible incidents, ace well additional ace penalties and expenses on your shipments, please make sure that they comply with the requirements specifically applying to the wood packaging and stowage of your position.


1. New regulations published in the Spanish Official State Newsletter

2. NIMF-15 standard regulation on wooden packaging

3. Frequently Asked Questions about the new regulation

4. BOE postponement entry into FORCE 16 of October 2019


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