5 Tips on How to Be a Better Writer in a Foreign Language


Writing in a foreign language? Not as impossible as it seems. Back in college, I used to spend my free time writing short stories and poems, in my own native language, not thinking much of it, let alone considering a career in writing. I received my degree and, just like many others, I couldn’t find a job. Although writing was one of my strong suits, it didn’t pay much in my country. And then it occurred to me.

My English was pretty good, so why not take the chance and write in English? It was a gamble that paid off, considering that I am full-time writer today, but back in those early days, any essay writing service  would have made a fortune out of proofreading my work for mistakes. I am here to tell you that you can become a writer in a foreign language, and here’s how.

1. Connect with Other Writers

Being around other writers will not only improve your mastery of a foreign language, but it will represent an endless source of inspiration and creativity. Bouncing ideas off one another, receiving valuable feedback, and simply being social, which is often a missing component when you are a writer, can help you grow as a writer in no time.

2. Attend a Writing Workshop

Writing workshops are often not cheap, but they are well worth the money, because during those several days, you will be able to immerse yourself into the world of professional writers and figure out of all the ins and outs of it. Plus, you will meet a lot of new people and make new contacts, which can come in handy on some future writing projects.

3. Avoid Clichés like the Plague

In the beginning, your writing will be full of literary clichés and redundant words, and it’s ok, because it will take a while before you figure out which phrases, words, and sentence structures constitute a cliché. But, try and avoid them when you can, and come up with a more effective alternative for each as you expand your vocabulary.

4. Be an Active Reader

Every time you pick up a new book in a foreign language, or read a magazine, make sure to have pen on hand, so you can write down new words and learn them. Once you’ve collected enough of those, try and work them into sentences that make sense. Before you know it, those new words and phrases will find their way into your vocabulary and your writing.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Use a Dictionary and a Thesaurus

Every now and then, your mind will draw a blank and you won’t be able to remember that word in English you are looking for. The solution? Pick up a dictionary, or go to Google Translate and look it up. Better yet, once you have found it, look it up in a thesaurus, as well, and learn all the synonyms at the same time.


Although writing takes creativity, sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and work harder at improving your skills. It doesn’t mean you are less of a writer if you put in more effort. Quite the opposite, it is the very thing that will make you a great writer.

Imperative Benefits of Digital Education Platforms


A digital knowing platform is a software application ecosystem with tools that offers learners, teachers, parents and administrators access to typical communication tools, information, and resources, not just within the school but outside it. When used correctly, it can significantly reduce expenditure on IT and administration, lower teacher work, and boost learning and teaching experience.

For several years, printed books have been used, but today some business have actually made the extensive efforts to move from print research study products to digital tools in the type of digital educational platforms. With this modification, material has actually ended up being more interesting and interactive, and the benefits are obvious.

It consists of tailored learning innovations implanted around a digital textbook and can be customized by professors to meet the requirements of the specific class. They can be easily used on any gadget and generally include problems, video games, and quizzes to keep trainees interested and engaged in the topic. Not only these platforms are economical for students to get it, however, when compared to hauling around books, they’re very hassle-free to utilize online. Check: Anna University Results

Digital Education: A Versatile Technique

Among the greatest advantages of digital learning is its power to bring the classroom to life with ample of features that benefit not only trainees however also teachers.

Not just do these platforms work well with trainees in mastering the material, but they likewise prepare trainees with the technical understanding and skills required for future courses and jobs. The innovative technology and personalized finding out incorporated into these platforms have lots of advantages.

The 8 Important Advantages Of Digital Learning Platforms

These platforms are growing constantly throughout a large range of educational organizations, from main wings to universities. Here are 9 advantages which can not be neglected-.

  1. Improved company of interaction and details.

It can help a school to make sure every student, moms and dad, administrator, and instructor gets access to the details they need, when they need it.

  1. More adult participation.

Utilizing it, parents can get much better notified about their kid’s development and school news, and ultimately, the learner gets more assistance in your home to continue their learning.

  1. More chances for personal learning.

Utilizing these platforms causes a higher range of learning resources, therefore can both assistance and encourage independent students.

  1. Improving quality and variety of educational resources.

Online education platforms let instructors the chance to supplement or change the textbook with a different range of knowing and teaching resources, both in the class and online.

  1. Larger chances for interaction and partnership.

Partnership between schools and instructors to merge expertise and resources, and better collaboration between learners, are a few of the most remarkable benefits of using this platform.

  1. Taking benefit of instructors’ time to achieve positive results.

Digital education platforms supply a number of benefits for administrators and teachers by automating a number of tasks that they require to do regularly. As a result, schools get more time to concentrate on their core activity- teaching.

  1. Smoothing the progress of strategic leadership and teaching management.

With the help of contemporary digital learning platforms, the education sector can get gained from faster and clearer communication amongst all the people included in education.

  1. Enhanced management of student participation and habits.

They have actually been discovered to assist schools’ efforts for enhancing student participation and motivate favorable habits.

Becoming a Professional Writer



Becoming a professional writer is a dream that a lot of people have but that seems out of reach for so many of us because it requires a level of dedication that is frightening and sometimes seems unrealistic.  A professional writer is different from a hobby writer because they’re most notably characterized by constantly working to better their writing, and here are a few ways that you can make that happen.


  • Do what you love, and do it for money.

There are a ton of websites that people frequent with the request: “write my essay”.  If you want to be a professional writer then the first step in that direction is to rely on your writing abilities to make money.  Almost every novelist for the past three centuries has been writing in some form as their day job and scribbling on the side, Hemingway was a war correspondent, Vonnegut was a copywriter, even Grisham was a lawyer (a pretty writing-intensive profession).  Writing painfully repetitive copy or obscure marketing campaigns might not feel like you’re getting better as a writer, but every moment that your fingers are hovering over a keyboard is a step in the right direction.


  • Read, a lot. And read everything.

Reading is the single best way to make yourself a better writer.  And a great writer doesn’t just read the classics.  It’s important to read Twain and Austen but even if you’ve only ever wanted to be the next Dan Brown you should read everything.  Find writing styles you like and figure out why you like them.  But more importantly, find writing styles and stories that you hate and figure out why you hate them.


  • Realize that this is a long road

Though there may be glamorous stories of bathtubs filled to the brim with gin and gorgeous women in flappers at parties hobnobbing with F. Scott Fitzgerald, most writers are not making seven figures.  Even very good writers are often poor, working in cafes during the day until they’re able to sell that first manuscript and then they probably switch to working only a few days less.  Being a professional writer is a long road peppered with rejection letters and bits of encouragement that feel inconsequential.  You don’t do this because there’s a boatload of money in it.  You do it because you can’t not do it.


  • Get better through constant work

Write every single day.  If you want to be a creative writer (and you probably do) then every day you need to sit down with a journal and crank a few hundred words out.  Your style is something that takes a lot of time to develop and it takes a lot of time to make your influences only influences rather than people you’re clearly copying off of.  There’s nothing worse than picking up a book and realizing immediately that the author is pulling their story straight from a Palahniuk novel.


A professional writer is a special sort of breed, they are so dedicated to doing this thing that they love that no amount of you’re not going to make it thoughts are going to hold them back.  Tell that voice inside your head that’s bringing you down.  Tell him to shut up.  That if there’s one thing you are going to do, it’s make it.

Higher Education or Tertiary Education


Higher education, also called tertiary, third point, or post secondary education, could be the non-compulsory educational degree that uses the conclusion of a school such as a large school or secondary institution. Tertiary education is generally taken up to incorporate undergraduate and postgraduate education, together with professional education and teaching.

Colleges and universities mainly present tertiary education. Collectively, these are occasionally called tertiary institutions. People who finish tertiary education typically get vouchers, diplomas, or educational levels. Visit for Result for- tn 12th results 2016.

College education includes training, study, and social services activities, plus it contains both undergraduate level (often known as tertiary education) along with the graduate (or postgraduate) degree (sometimes referred to as graduate school). Schools are usually made up of several faculties.

Inside the United States, schools might be individual and impartial like Yale University; public and state-controlled just like the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education; or separate but state-backed like the University of Virginia. A number of career-specific programs are actually available to students through the Web.

Advanced schooling typically requires work towards a diploma-level or foundation degree qualification. In many developed countries a high portion of the populace (as much as 50%) now enter advanced schooling at some time within their lives.

Advanced schooling is therefore essential to national establishments, both as being a significant business in a unique right, so when a supply of qualified and qualified employees for the remaining portion of the economy.

One sort of university education is actually a liberal arts training, which is often understood to be a “college or university course directed at providing broad general knowledge and developing standard mental sizes, contrary to a specialist, vocational, or technical curriculum.”

Although what’s identified today as liberal arts education began in Europe, the term “liberal arts college” is additionally related to establishments within the United States