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The Chamber of Commerce of Tenerife publishes interesting data that confirm an important increase of the activity in all the sectors. The strong growth that announces the sector of the construction foretells its continuity for the 2017…
The substitution of 4 obsolete Aeolian equipment in Agaete, installed in 1979, by one of last generation that will duplicate the capacity is a good sample that Canary it continues being a CCAA advanced in the new technologies for a sustainable electrical production.
The Canary Islands close 2016 with 229,233 unemployed ones, 18,296 unemployed less than to the closing of the 2015. Although all the indicators of the work market are positive when finalizing 2016 the most remarkable data is the one of the increase in the number of affiliates to the FOLL.
The price of the house has continued growing in January in a 1.1% in inter-annual rate.  
The consumption continues growing in the Canary Islands.
The past month of August almost 3,500 unloaded cement Mt. in Marbles.
In the first trimester of this year in the Port of Las Palmas 258 boats of cruise have climbed
The Canary Islands have been chosen for the running of several films in which certainly the good time and its wonderful landscapes have something to see…
We incorporate in our new WEB a dedicated section to spread to information on the canary present time diverse scopes as the economy, gastronomy, tourism, culture…